Coronavirus Update


*School dismissal, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, has been extended to May 1st, statewide. *


This afternoon, Governor Gary Herbert initiated a two-week “soft closure” for all K-12 public and charter schools.  His intent was to be proactive in eliminating or reducing potential community spread of the covid-19 virus.  I want to assure every employee that we will work together through this unprecedented period.

During this two-week “soft closure,” students will primarily be studying from home through a Modified Home Learning Model.  Beginning Monday, March 16th, teachers will have two days to prepare learning material that can be delivered online.  In most cases, this will be through Canvas or Google Classroom.  In some instances, specifically with our youngest children, learning material may be sent through e-mail.  We will provide ample technical support for teachers to assist you in this process.  Learning material should be made available to students beginning Wednesday, March 18th.  Also, beginning on that day, there may be rare instances where students who don’t have access to the internet at home or do not have a computer available may come to school.  They will be instructed that those hours will be between 8:30 a.m. through 12:00 noon. However, we are strongly encouraging students to learn from home as much as possible.  This is the intent of the governor’s order for the “soft closure” of schools. 

For our support professionals, you will be receiving specific guidance from the appropriate director as it relates to your role during this “soft closure” period.  The hours for teachers, support professionals and administrators will be greatly modified during the next two weeks.  In most cases, we will want you at work between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m.  Please note that our regularly scheduled spring break will still be between March 30th – April 3rd.

We are mindful that some employees may have serious personal health concerns during this public health crisis.  Please know that any employee is welcome to utilize their own sick leave, catastrophic leave, or long-term disability if needed.  Our Human Resources Department can assist you with your questions.

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Athletic and Club Moritorium

MORATORIUM for All Sports/Teams & Extracurricular Groups

(March 24, 2020) - The Utah High School Activities Association is announcing an extension to the ongoing suspension of the Association’s spring activities and athletics, due to ongoing statewide prevention efforts with the COVID-19 virus.

As a result of Governor Herbert’s directive in a March 23 press conference, the Association continues to suspend all UHSAA spring activities and athletics, including practice and/or team gatherings, until at least May 1, in line with the state-recommended extension to the school soft closure. 

In consultation with board directives and information provided by state public health officials, the UHSAA has suspended spring activities and athletics, including practice and team gatherings, to properly fulfill best practices regarding protection of students and the general public. More information will be sent to member schools and/or districts as it becomes available.

*All extracurricular activities (state-wide, at any level - jr. high and high school - & as per UHSAA) are suspended - WSD is mandating a MORATORIUM on all extracurricular/athletic activities - Includes team/group practices and games and Drill/Cheer tryouts, for the next three weeks, or until further notice.  Tryouts will need to be pushed back until after Spring Break, or until further notice. Team/group practices and games may not resume until after Spring Break, or until further notice. 

*Coaches WILL NOT allow/facilitate any type of use of any school facilities, grounds, or equipment. School facilities/grounds will be locked down!  Equipment is not allowed to be checked out to students. We are NOT encouraging or directing student-athletes to assemble and work-out or requiring student-athletes to adhere to work out plans, etc. The focus must be all about student/community safety - we must promote social distancing above all else.  Students may exercise on their own, and are encouraged to do so outside versus indoors, around others.


  1. Have player contact or communication related to the sport.

  2. Organize or conduct any meetings related to the sport.

  3. Organize or conduct practices or competitions of any kind at any level. 

  4. Organize or conduct any activities related to the sport, including weight lifting and conditioning outside of the school day.

  5. Organize or conduct open gym, open court, open pool or open field play or permit the use of batting cages.

  6. Organize or conduct any fundraisers.

  7. Coach or observe any potential player related to the sport.  

**To organize or conduct would include facilitating or encouraging an activity to take place, regardless of whether or not the coach attends.


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