Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Welcome and Council Business – Julie Morgan

  • Minutes were read and approved.
  • No Community Council meeting held in December.

Overview of School Land Trust

  • Land Trust program is growing. Money used to help us be successful.

RHS/Administrative Business

  • Grade Distribution
    • Last year we had 4.5% F’s. This year we have 5.7% F’s.
      • Sophomores are more apathetic
      • Sophomores have more F’s than seniors.
    • Teachers are giving opportunities to earn passing grades. They are giving extra opportunities to retake tests, etc.
  • 1st Trustland goal: Decrease failure rate by 3% by the end of the 4th quarter.
    • R&R Component to help improve the outcome.
      • Monies are used for: Math Tutoring, Calculators, Technology in classrooms
  • 2nd Goal is to increase by 3% proficiency in Sage testing.
    • 11th graders will not be taking the Sage Test except for Science classes.
    • Benchmark Tests will be given 4 times a year.
    • Teacher Coaches are helping with literacy.
    • Professional Development money used for conferences. We would like to be able to have the presenter come to us to train us all instead of sending a few to them.
  • 3rd Goal - Option Classes
    • 2 classes and students doing APEX
    • Many opportunities given to students to make up credit.
  • 4th Goal – AP and Concurrent Enrollment Classes
    • Lynette Atkinson and CTE doing a great job of increasing the number of students taking these courses.
    • Students only pay $5.00 per credit for Concurrent Enrollment classes. There is a $35.00 application fee to enroll in the college before taking the course.


  • An email will be sent out asking for Parents to take the survey to help with our Accreditation.
  • Help to spread the word to parents. One third of the parents are needed to take the survey.
  • Needs to be taken before the holiday break in December.
  • Announce at extra-curricular activities.
  • Teachers could announce to students to encourage their parents.
  • Spread the word on Twitter or Facebook
  • Use the District Notifier to encourage parents to take survey

RHS Extracurricular Activities

  • Football – Season ended last week. Region Champs.
  • At the football state playoff game KJZZ was broadcasting. Emme Corry, a Roy High Student, was honored and given a $500 scholarship by America First Credit Union.
  • Swim Meets begin next Thursday
  • Musical – The Wedding Singer will be performed on Wednesday, November 16, through Monday, November 21.
  • Our Senior Citizen Dinner will be held on Wednesday, Nov. 16 at 5:00 and the Play will begin at 6:00.
  • Tennis – Alyssa Keyes won Academic All-State
  • College Awareness Week (this week)
  • College Application Week (next week)

Roy Cone Project

  • We asked for a Grant of $500,000. We received $458,000
  • The numbers for chronic absenteeism went up in elementary, junior highs, and high schools. We need the community to work together in helping get kids in school.

Next Meeting: Tuesday, January 10, 2017 at 7:00 am.

Council Meeting attended by: Rick and Julie Morgan, Lee Yeagley, Jennifer Bessinger, Kirt Swalberg, Clyde Moore, Casey Roch, Lynette Atkinson, Michele Kersey-Smith, Ron Koford, Rae Ann Christensen

Roy High School, 2150 West 4800 South, Roy, Utah 84067 801-476-3600