RoyHeaderGreat Royal Nation!

We're celebrating at Roy High School!  The state has released last year's (2015) cohort graduation rates for each high school and Roy High ranks in the "TOP 3" for graduation rate increase! 

Here's where we've been, and here's where we're at:

*From 2008 to 2012, Roy High's graduation rate averaged 71.3%;  

*In 2013, the rate inched up to 74%;

*In 2014, the cohort grad mark was 77%;

*And, last year, the MIGHTY Class of 2015 achieved the highest mark at Roy High School in MANY years - 84%!!!

*We tied for 2nd in the state of Utah for the greatest increase in grad rate - we jumped from 77% to 84% - a 7% increase in one year's time!  Hillcrest High achieved the same 7% increase (76-83%), and Kearns High demonstrated the highest increase, going from 71-79% (8% increase). 

Folks, that's steady and continued growth, and Roy High is AT the state cohort graduation rate average for the first time in a very long time (84%). 

We are so proud of our students - for your commitment to striving for academic success; our parents - for your ongoing support; our teachers, counselors and support staff - for your daily grit and greatness.  As a school, in many ways, we've committed to more instensively advocate for our Royal students, and it is making all the difference!! 

Across the 11 schools comprising the Roy Cone (K-12th grades), we are ONE.  Our Roy Cone Schools have a theme - and it's centered around a strategic plan (the Roy Cone Project) -      We believe there is POWER in ONE - One Child, One Teacher, One Town, One Team, One Dream:  EveryONE Graduates!  From the bottom of our hearts, we thank the Alan & Jeanne Hall Foundation, Prosperity 2020, the state legislature, and district officials for enabling the Roy Cone Project to BE.

We encourage our Royal students (and especially the Class of 2016) to hit an even higher mark this spring!  Royals, if you need help, encouragement and support, please reach out to one of your teachers, counselors or administrators.  We stand ready to help you.  Parents and students, it is VITAL that our students are in each class daily.  We've reduced chronic absenteeism across the Roy Cone from a high mark of 29% down to 13.9% (last year), but we need a continued and concerted effort from you to make sure students are in class and committed to learning and growing. 

The Royals are RISING - in all the best ways possible!  We are so proud of Royal Nation!!


Gina Butters - Principal

Roy High School, 2150 West 4800 South, Roy, Utah 84067 801-476-3600