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MY REWARDS: Newgate Mall is offering the rewards program for the school who earns the most points through turning in receipts (or copies of the receipts) and marketing the School Rewards program will receive up to $12,000.

ATTENDANCE CREDIT: Black Friday @ Newgate Mall Roy High earned most of their receipts at the Black Friday event during the year we won $12,000. Students will be manning the tables and encouraging shoppers to submit their receipts for our school. Students may earn .25 attendance credit for at least 4 hours of service (MUCH better than having to do 10 hours!). We need to support the students with at least one adult during their service. If you could offer an hour or two of your Thanksgiving break for this event, please let Ms. Hunsaker know.

Roy High won $12,000 for the 2014-2015 school year!  We were 4th Place last year$

Save all your receipts from Newgate Mall. Help us win again!

My School’s Cool is back—with a different look and name!

As many of you may be aware, Newgate Mall was sold over the summer.  However, the new owners of the mall have expressed their desire to be part of this community and have committed to continue this great program!

The new name of the program is “School Rewards,” and prizes will be awarded as they have been in the past:

         1st place--$12,000    2nd place--$10,000    3rd place--$7,000   4th place--$5,000

Once again, there will be two categories:  Junior High and Senior High, so a total of $68,000 will be awarded. Prizes will be awarded based on the total amount of receipts turned in divided by enrollment.   

To kick things off, we wanted to have a small contest that goes from now until September 30th.  The school who gathers the most receipts dated between May 1st and  September 30th, and turns them into the mall office by October 7th, will win $100 to use however they wish in promoting the program at their school.  The prize will be awarded to a junior high and a senior high winner, and the receipts will all count toward the grand total.  The program will go through April 15, 2017.

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