Roy Header: Live Golden Bleed Black

Roy High School  2150 West 4800 South  Roy, UT  84067  801-476-3600

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School mission


School Belief Statements

  • We believe students can find fulfillment in lifelong learning by acquiring critical thinking skills and embracing the diverse contributions of every community member.
  • We believe students should be encouraged to act honorably by respecting human dignity, accounting for their own choices, and following all classroom and school policies.

  • We believe every student can learn, and because each student learns in different ways, they should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support and assess their learning.
  • We believe state and national curriculum should guide student learning, and collaboration in Professional Learning Communities is integral to successful implementation of this curriculum.
  • We believe students should be given opportunities to lead and serve within their school and community.
  • We believe students, teachers, parents, and stakeholders have a collective responsibility to create pride in school and community.

  • We believe each student deserves a safe and positive learning environment that challenges each student to achieve personal excellence.

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