Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Welcome:  Julie Morgan

  • The will not be a meeting held in May.
  • Motion and second to approve minutes.  Minutes were approved.

Grade Distribution -

  • Percentage of F’s given (100 more students this year than last year)
    • Ø Last year – 1st quarter: 4.9%                 This year:  5.7%
    • Ø Last year – 2nd quarter: 7.12%             This year:  9%
    • Ø Last year – 3rd quarter: 6.8%                                This year:  8%
    • Ø Last year – 4th quarter:  7.7%
  • Large classrooms effect the percentages.  2 math teachers have been hired for next year to replace one teacher and help with the classroom sizes.
  • Tutoring program for Math students help.
  • Math students are pushed at the elementary level along with reading students.
  • District is working on numeracy.  Numeracy and literacy are part of our grant for next year.
  • Plan for next year is to have a 5% F rate.

Extracurricular Activities – Clyde Moore

  • Drama had 10 superiors in Region Drama.  They will compete at State this week at Bingham and Riverton High Schools.
  • Indoor Drumline took 2nd place, Colorguard took 4th place.
  • Drama, FBLA, FCCLA, Robotics all qualified for Nationals.
  • Tennis team is in need of more courts.  We currently use North Park tennis courts.  Next year the city is turning them into pickle ball courts.  We have requested for 3 years for the District to put more courts at Roy High.  All other high schools have 4 courts.   Roy High only has 3.
  • District should start working on our track hopefully by the end of school this year. 

Community Council positions for next year:

  • Reviewed Guidelines.
  • Instead of holding elections – all those who sign up for Community Council are welcome to attend.
  • Meetings next year will continue to be on the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 am.
  • Jennifer Bessinger will take over as Community Council Chair next year.
  • Cynthia Foulger was nominated as a co-chair for Community Council.  Vote was taken.  Voting was unanimous to have Cynthia Foulger as co-chair for next year’s Community Council.

Graduation Party

  • Stephanie Lamb offered the help of Community Council for graduation party.
  • Graduation Party will be held at the Rush Funplex in Syracuse.

A shout out was given to John Watson for his willingness to help kids.  Roy High held their Prom Dance at John Watson Chevrolet this year.  He also does an Athlete of the Week that is held there.

Attending Community Council:  Lee Yeagley, Rick Morgan, Julie Morgan, Lynette Atkinson, Clyde Moore, Ron Koford, Casey Roche, Darlene Sangiorgio, Kirt Swalberg, Cordale Lamb, Stephanie Lamb, Jen Bessinger, Cynthia Foulger, and Rae Ann Christensen.

Community Council Meeting

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Welcome and Council Business – Kirt Swalberg

Grade Distribution – Kirt Swalberg

  • RHS “F” grade percentages were reviewed and are staying pretty even with last year’s percentages.
  • Last year 1st quarter was at 4.5 % - This year 5.7%
  • Last year 2nd quarter was at 7.10 % - This year is at 8%
  • Goal suggestion for next year is to keep each quarter under 5%.

Amend Plan – Kirt Swalberg

  • Kirt proposed that we use the money that was not used for travel to conferences ($5000.00) and put it towards a Kiln for the Ceramics classes.  They have earned about $10,000 already.  A vote was taken and all was in agreement to use the money for the kiln.

Technology proposals – Kirt Swalberg

  • Get another Smart Board for teachers
  • Get another set of Chrome Books
  • Put in access points in some of the classrooms – cost is about $800.00 for each one.

Extracurricular teams/groups updates – Clyde Moore

  • Feb 7th WSD Honor Choir Concert – guest conductor
  • March – Roy Cone Orchestra Concert – Jr. High and High Schools combine
  • Feb. 16-20 Performing Arts California Tour
  • Feb 24-27  “I Remember Mama” play
  • Wrestling – Feb. 1&2 State Divisional Tournament - Nolan Jensen qualified for state.
  • Region Swim  at Mt. Crest – 4 swimmers individually qualified for state:  Matt Williams, Preston Tyler, Joshua Powers and Tyler Kelly
  • Basketball – Boys and Girls teams need to win the remaining games and need some other teams in from of them to lose in order to qualify for state.
  • Drill Team finished 4th place in Region and qualified for State.  Did not place in state.
  • Cheer performed at Disneyland and placed 3rd out of 6 squads.  They competed at WSU last Saturday.
  • Sterling Scholars Semi Finalists:  Computer Technolgy – Alyssa Montgomery; Family & Consumer Science – Samantha Anderson; Instrumental Music – Cameron Miller; Speech/Theater Arts – McKayle Bradford; Vocal Music – Emme Corry; World Language – Sarah Hinze.
  • Athletic Scholarship Signing day:  Soccer with WSU – Katlynn Bradley; Football with SUU – Wynton Lamar; Football with Snow – Michael Coleman; Football – Dixie State University – Nathan Anderson
  • Jordan Stephens received a $30,000 to WSU for Debate.

Boundary Open House – Kirt Swalberg

  • February 21 at 6:00 pm there will be a Boundary Open House for anyone interested in learning more about the boundary change updates.

Learning through Literacy – District program

Books need to be purchased.  $500 to buy the books

Goals for next year – Kirt Swalberg

  • Continue with grade distribution list – number of ‘F’s - achieve less than 5% each quarter
  • Money for Math Tutoring
  • Increase 3% on Sage Scores
  • 80% of 10 graders on track.  Option classes help.
  • Increase enrollment in Advance Placement and Concurrent Enrollment classes by 10%.
  • Lower Class size to 30 for the Math classes
  • Strengthen our PLC’s – Teams to meet during the summer

Accreditation – Kirt Swalberg

  • Passed Accreditation – Roy High doing some great things.  A few things we need to work on.

Those in attendance: Kirt Swalberg, Clyde Moore, Lynette Atkinson, Case Roche, Michele Kersey-Smith, Ron Koford, Cordell Lamb, Stefanie Lamb, Julie Morgan, Lee Yeagley, Cynthia Foulger, and Rae Ann Christensen.

Community Council Meeting
Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Welcome and Council Business – Julie Morgan

  • Minutes were read and approved.
  • Minutes from Boundary Meeting were reviewed.

Grade Distribution – Kirt Swalberg

  • RHS grades were viewed are staying pretty even with the other high schools in our district
  • Appreciate the great work the teachers do. They don’t hand out grades. Grades are earned. Teachers work with and push students to get their grades up.

Trustland Plan Review – Kirt Swalberg

  • Goal #1 – 1st quarter we didn’t reach our goal. 2nd quarter we are a lot closer.
  • Goal #2 – Increase of 3% - Sage Testing – 11th graders won’t take the Sage Test this year except for those that are in the Science classes.
  • Goal #3 – to get 80% of incoming 10th graders on track.
  • Goal #4 – Increase number of students in AP classes, Concurrent Enrollment classes, and Early College. We have had a big increase and want to keep that going.

Desire for the school to have an AP Fair was discussed. Parents don’t feel like there is enough information given to the 9th graders about AP classes for registration.

Accreditation – Kirt Swalberg

  • Accreditation will be Feb. 2nd and 3rd.
  • About 120 short on Parent Surveys
  • Survey information will be used by the faculty.
  • Suggestion was made to have teachers talk to parents at Parent Teacher Conference about taking the survey.
  • Accreditation team will want to talk to members of Community Council. They will probably ask about the Mission Statement and Belief Statements.
  • RHS Mission Statement is:
  • School Belief Statements

    • We believe students can find fulfillment in lifelong learning by acquiring critical thinking skills and embracing the diverse contributions of every community member.
    • We believe students should be encouraged to act honorably by respecting human dignity, accounting for their own choices, and following all classroom and school policies.
    • We believe every student can learn, and because each student learns in different ways, they should be provided with a variety of instructional approaches to support and assess their learning.
    • We believe state and national curriculum should guide student learning, and collaboration in Professional Learning Communities is integral to successful implementation of this curriculum.
    • We believe students should be given opportunities to lead and serve within their school and community.
    • We believe students, teachers, parents, and stakeholders have a collective responsibility to create pride in school and community.
    • We believe each student deserves a safe and positive learning environment that challenges each student to achieve personal excellence.

    Extracurricular teams: - Clyde Moore

    • Girls and Boys Basketball both had a good pre-season.
    • Wrestling is a young team this year, but working hard and doing well.
    • Swim – good year. They won 1st in their region meet.
    • Royalaires have a competition on Saturday in Bountiful.
    • Band will compete at Abravanel Hall this month. They just purchased 3 n32 large percussion instruments.

    Boundaries – Kirt Swalberg

    • Meeting will be held next week at the District Office.
    • Different boundary plans were shared.
    • Committee consisted of a parent, teacher and an administrator from each school. Julie Morgan, Shaun Graves, and Kirt Swalberg is on the committee to represent Roy High.
    • School Board has the final say for boundaries.

    Electronic Cigarettes – Kirt Swalberg

    • Awareness and concern was shared.
    • Policy at Roy High for Electronic Cigarettes is no tolerance
    • Adults cannot use them on school grounds.
    Those in attendance: Kirt Swalberg, Clyde Moore, Lynette Atkinson, Case Roche, Michele Kersey-Smith, Ron Koford, Cordell Lamb, Stefanie Lamb, Julie Morgan, Lee Yeagley, Cynthia Foulger, and Rae Ann Christensen.

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