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Community Council
January 9, 2018

Welcome – Jennifer Bessinger

Attending:  Kirt Swalberg, Lynette Atkinson, Jennifer Bessinger, Cynthia Morgan, Stefane Lamb, Julie Morgan, Rick Morgan, Trina Favero, Alicia Mitchell, Rob Lake, Rae Ann Christensen, Casey Roche, Tony Dick, April Murray, Shaun Graves, Tyler King, Nadine Curtis.

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Minutes for last month was read and approved.

1. ACT Workshops and plans for Classes. - Mike Brown

  • Talked to parents on feedback on ACT prep class.  It was decided to keep it in the evening.  2 workshops.
  • The 1st workshop was how ACT come to be.  Handouts on study skills.
  • The 2nd workshop was for practice websites.  
  • There is a morning class with Mr. Dick and Ms. Harnett.  17 students attended.  30 students have shown interest in the class.  Monday and Wednesday are for math classes.  Tuesday and Thursday for Science and English.  
  • We should be able to do 2 or 3 sessions a year.  
  • Do parents have any idea how to market it?  
    • Send information to teachers to spread the word.
    • Post on the Counseling web page.  
    • Counselor corner button to be added to website with new material.
    • Try to do one in the afternoon.  Early morning seminary and drivers ed conflicts with the mornings, but there is also lots going on in the afternoon.
  • Next year we will try to do about 3 sessions.

2.  R&R Discussion. - Rob Lake

  • There are requirements to leave for R&R but any kid can stay in class.  We want our teachers to have one and one time or small group help that they need.  Teachers are not to be behind their desk working.  
  • It is not happening – a little worse with the honor students as well as the other.
  • It is intimidating to approach the teacher.  
  • Guidelines whether they stay or not.  It could be just time for them to work.  
  • Why can’t they move around?  We don’t want to overload classes.  Students can bring up the portal and look at what assignments they are missing.  
  • Sometimes teachers are pulled in a lot of directions helping students during R&R.  
  • Parents could look at portals and find out information missing and talk with them about them.  
  • Students don’t want to get help in front of their peers.  
  • We as teachers can do better to get the student help and engaging students.  

3.  Graduation Rates – Kirt Swalberg

  • 13% F’s for this quarter as of last Thursday.
  • Graduation rates –
    • 2013 - 74%
    • 2014 - 77 %
    • 2015 - 84%
    • 2016 - 88.6%
    • 2017 - 90.06%
  • When a student enrolls in one of our junior highs they are ours – even if we don’t see them.  They count against our graduation.  97% of our students here did graduate but with all others figured in (those that aren’t attending), it is at 90.6%.
  • Students not coming to school has been put back on the school instead of the courts getting involved.  That is why we have student advocates in place.
  • All 4 high schools were above 90%.  We have had the most significant increase.  
  • 90% is not our goal.  We will continue to fight.  
  • 4.  Extracurricular teams/groups updatesAlicia Mitchell

    • Swimming – 2 region meets left.   2 kids in top contenders.
    • Wrestling – beat Bountiful.  They have a small team this year.  They have done really well
    • Boys Basketball - tough preseason schedule.  Made addition of Mr. Puzey as a coach
    • Royalaires – competition this past weekend.  They took 1st overall in 5A
    • Cheer – Welcomes a brand new coach – lots of progress being made.  They took  4th at competition
    • Girls Basketball -   8-3 record.  They are making a run for region title.  Josie Williams is doing a great job and has signed with UVU.

    5.  Sub for Santa - Kirt Swalberg

    • $20,000.00 was raised  
    • 26 families helped.  
    • Started a food pantry and give help that way.
      • Granite School District may have a lot of ideas for food pantries.
    • Bar J Wranglers earned a lot of the money
    • It’s A Small World playing
    • Mrs. Mitchell – kiss a pig.  Admin shaved heads.

    6.  School land trust plan. - Kirt Swalberg

    • Ideas were asked for to include in Trustland plan.
    • ACT might be something we would like to continue
    • Technology.  Smart panel – started using them this year.  About $4000 each. We have 2 right now with math teachers.  Most of our projectors are 10 years old and bulbs are very expensive.
    • Chrome books - hopefully have them in all classrooms in the future.  6 sets of portable labs and all English teachers have a set.  
    • Google classrooms are being used.
    • Canvas – used at Weber State and we are starting to use Canvas.
    • Improve or help in math – such as tutoring (students are not taking advantage of it) Maybe look at doing it in the morning.  Kids want to go to their own teacher.  
    • Maybe have another teacher help in a class during R&R instead of watching the hall.
    • April assigned to talk about it next meeting.
    • Look into grants for help.
    • Come up with ideas for next meeting

    7.  Counseling –  Casey Roche

    • Registration this month – idea is for Registration online.  February – 30 minute meetings with students and parents.  If you have constructive feedback let us know – so we can let the District Techs know to help with the process.


    Community Council Minutes

    November 14, 2017

    Attending:  Trina Favero, Jen Bessinger, Kirt Swalberg, Rae Ann Christensen, Casey Roche, Alicia Mitchell, Rob Lake, April Murray, Cordale Lamb, Stefane Lamb, Lee Yeagley, Denzil Remington, Julie Morgan, Kim Sparrow, Trina Favero.

    Welcome:  Jen Bessinger

    • Next Meeting – January 9, 2018
    • Minutes reviewed and approved.

    College Week.  

    • FAFSA open right now.  FAFSA Frenzy night on Parent Teacher Conference.  This week we send transcripts for free.  Snow, Dixie, SUU, OWATC waving registration fee this week.
    • Open houses will waive fee.  Take transcript with you.
    • Deadline for scholarships is December 1.  

    Kirt – Jan – Digital Literacy piece.  

    ACT Workshop –

    • First workshop was held.
    • Stephanie Lamb – workshop was really good.  Index score and how it works.  Pointers on testing.  Taking it multiple times is important.  Take once in fall of senior year or take math their senior year.  
    • Mr. Brown had done a great job.  Well worth the hour to come.
    • Next one will be Nov. 28, from 6 to 7 in the writing lab.  Will go over websites.  Encourage sophomores to come. 
    • We will have certified teachers – English and Math teach a class in the mornings – details still being worked out. They will start in January. 
    • February 27, is when our Juniors take the test for free. 
    • Any ideas on how to get kids to commit to coming.  Extra credit or attendance credit.
    • Dec. 9 is the ACT test to get you in concurrent enrollment classes.  Encourage students to come to Nov. 28 class.
    • Time management is part of learning how to take the test effectively.

    Community that Cares

    • More buy-in from the community.  Meeting with business and church leaders to come together to help students at Roy.
    • Dec. 7 at the RHS Library will be a meeting.  Will look at Sharp Survey and other data to help students.  Janae Terry is our coordinator here at Roy.  
    • Christmas Tree Jubilee – right before Thanksgiving.  Janae is putting together a tree for that.
    • Community that Cares has been working great in Bonneville area.  Stickers are advertised on the back of business trucks regarding underage drinking.  

    Grade distribution comparison.  

    • Trying to reduce F’s.  Math has been hard for kids and usually fail more than other classes.  Out of 150 students April Murray had 6 fail her class.  We are at 6.2% overall.  
    • April has her students come in after failing a test and learn the material and then take the test again.  
    • 806 total F’s.  We have 15 students that we have not ever seen.  Once you are at a junior high and quit coming to school they will count on Roy High’s graduation.  We have been working hard to get those students to school.  It is more about the kids gaining knowledge than numbers.
    • No R & R the first two weeks of quarter – teachers have more class time there.

    Extra Curricular activities update - Alicia Mitchell 

    • Football l- 2nd in region and made it to state playoffs
    • Cross Country – Boys 2nd in region   8th in state
    • Cross Country  - Curt Crossley took 1st in Region 8th in State
    • Girls Soccer -   In Region playoffs – first time in years.
    • Tennis – Their numbers grew.  Every team made it to region.  
    • Volleyball – in a very tough region
    • Golf – 20 come out to Golf.  1 qualified for state
    • Swim  - we finished 1 and 2 in almost every event.  Roy put up new score board and new starting blocks
    • Girls BB – Starting this month
    • Boys BB – Starting this month
    • Wrestling – starts with Turkey Brawl
    • Play begins this weekend.  They will perform “Sister Act.”
    • Concerts have all been excellent.
    • Veterans Assembly – amazing.  Powerful music, drama groups involved, speaker.
    • Curt Crossley – scholarship to Weber State
    • Josie Williams signed with UVU

     Wednesday – Senior Citizen Dinner

    • Begins at 5:00 pm.  The play will begin at 6:00pm.  

    Community Council Meeting

    Tuesday, October 10, 2017


    October 10, 2017

    Welcome - Alicia Mitchell

    Council Business - Jennifer Bessinger

    • Members were introduced:  Jen Bessinger, Trina Favero, Denzil Remington, Kim Sparrow, April Murray, Anthony Dick, Alicia Mitchell, Rob Lake, Lynette Atkinson, Rae Ann Christensen, Casey Roche, Cynthia Morgan, Stefane Lamb, Lee Yeagley, Julie Morgan.
    • Meetings held the 2nd Tuesday of each month at 7:00 am in the Royal Conference Room.

    School Land Trust review - Alicia Mitchell

    • Goal 1 - Roy High will decrease its number of F grades given to less than 5% at the end of each quarter.
      • Expenditures include Math buyouts and tutoring,
      • Buyouts for teachers with large number of students in classrooms
      • Textbooks for new curriculum.
    • Goal 2 - Roy High will increase the overall ACT composite score by one percent
      • Stipends for summer PLC planning sessions.
      • Professional Development Conferences.   10 Teachers/Administrators attended PLC Conference this past month.  Excellent information given.  Faculty has already started receiving information given at conference.
      • Concerns to approach and help with students taking ACT Test:
        • Those who mark any answer.
        • Test anxiety
        • Teachers to continue to give pointers for taking test
        • Students encouraged to take test multiple times
        • ACT Prep class requested
    • Goal 3 - 88% of Juniors will be on track with academic credit by the start of their Senior year.
      • Student Advocates are a big part of the success.
      • APEX - Options class taught during the day as a buyout.  Kids pay small fee which goes to the company.  They can pass off multiple credits during the quarter if they apply themselves.  

    Safe Technology and Digital Citizenship will be discussed next meeting.

    Council Members job description:

    • Found on
      • Click on Laws and rules
    • Trustland Management video was shown.
      • Determine needs
      • Create improvement plan
      • Create school land trusts
      • Prepare digital citizenship plan

    Roy Cone Community  Awareness/Dinner Night.

    • Mayor declared it as Family Night
    • Prepared for 400 - ran out of dinners.  Around 500 in attendance.
    • Many groups involved:  Communities That Care, LIA, Boys and Girls Club, and others.

    Grade Distribution data comparisons.

    • Collaboration of Leadership Team - Focus to help middle kids - push teachers to notice improvement

    AP & Concurrent Enrollment Courses - Lynette Atkinson

    • Goal in 2014 was to get students in AP classes.  Concurrent Enrollment and huge gains in classes that were offered.
    • Concurrent Enrollment  numbers were down last year because of technical issues, but are back on track this year.  
    • WSU offering a course for those gone from school a couple of years to brush up on their math before taking the placement test.
    • Suggestions were made to have a Concurrent and AP Open house.

    Extracurricular teams/groups updates - Alicia Mitchell

    • Orchestra has a concert tonight.
    • Choir had a great concert last week
    • Golf team grew a lot this year.  20 boys participated.  
    • Girls Soccer is going to state playoffs for the first time in 19 years.  They will play at Corner Canyon.
    • Football made the playoffs.
    • Volleyball is improving each year.
    • Debate had their first meet
    • Cross Country doing great.  Girls took 5th.  Boys took 2nd place with Kirt Crossley taking 1st in individuals.

    Senior Citizen Dinner will be held on Nov. 15, 2017 at 5:00pm.  Bar J Wranglers Concert will be held on Dec. 14, 2017 at 7:00 pm


    Next Meeting will be held on Tuesday, November 14 at 7:00 am.


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