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Senior Video

Senior Video Upload


Congratulations to the class of 2021!

We are excited to announce our graduation ceremony will be held in person and together as a class. We will uphold the traditions
of past graduation ceremonies, have speeches by the Senior Class President, Valedictorian, Salutatorian, principal and songs sung
by the choir. We will be able to celebrate you, the class of 2021, together!

A separate Part of the graduation celebration this year will include a video of ALL seniors. You have 5 seconds to record your
part. Students will be able to submit their video via Google Forms.

Here are a few guidelines to get started:

-Conduct yourself in a manner that represents Royal standards.
-School dress code must be adhered to or your video will not be accepted:
-No swimsuits or bare chests, tank tops, spaghetti straps, shorty shorts/skirts/dresses, low cut tops, shirts/hats or hoodies with inappropriate logos or sayings.
-No costumes or masks
-One student in the video. No family or friends. Student only.
-No clapping, cheering, or loud noises so audio stays at normal levels.
-Videos must be school appropriate.
-Videos can be filmed anywhere. Be creative with what place best represents you.
-We will use the first 5 seconds of the video. Don't go over.
-Film Landscape (sideways), NOT Portrait (vertical)
-Rename the file to "Last Name, First Name". Example: Bean, TJ
-Preview the video before uploading to Google Forms. Do not email it in.

As you create your video, show your personality and be creative! Think about your background! Make it about you and not
distracting. Remember you only have 5-seconds. If you choose to not submit a clip, your yearbook picture will be used.
Have fun and again congratulations!


RHS Administration