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Class Officers

2023-2024 Class Officers


Senior Class Officers

Lydia Preisler

Kaylin Smith

Will Van Wagner

Lily Weyland

Kjerstin Waite

Coltrin Humble


Junior Class Officers

Quincy Johnson

Ben Stirland

Nash Chaston

Remigio Garcia

Wesley Barker

Caden Felt

Taylor Delgado

*Note there are 7 because we had a tie in votes. 


Sophomore Class officers

Henrik Hulbert

Stephanie Rodriguiz

Aaron Davidson

Miles Terry

Kiara Ticona

Ellie Christensen

Kade Platt



Full Student Government Meeting Monday April 24, 2023 in Ms. Knudson’s Room 802 at 2:45.

Thank you to all who voted and participated in elections!! 

Ms. Knudson