November 6, 2018

Welcome - Cynthia Morgan

Attending:  Cynthia Morgan,Shauntel Anderson, Jen Bessinger, Julie Morgan, Rick Morgan, Trina Favero, Alicia Mitchell, Tyler King, April Murray, Casey Roche, Rae Ann Christensen, Kirt Swalberg,

  • Welcome: Cynthia Morgan
  • Minutes reviewed and approved
  • Grade Distribution - Kirt Swalberg
  • F Comparison – 6% for first quarter of 2018-19
  • New Mission Statement –All students will succeed in Academics leadership tolerance service behavior.
  • Vision Statement – Our vision is to be an exemplary Royal community empowering learners with the knowledge skills, and resources to succeeds in an ever changing society.
  • What will we as educators do to accomplish this vision.
  • Essential standards – 10 most important things that they have to have when they leave the classroom.
  • Roy Cone Project Partnership for Success
  • Revamped it. – Project ROAR
  • Desired outcomes for Roy’s Students
  1. Children enter Kindergarten ready to succeed in school
  2. Third grade students are proficient in reading and math
  3. Eighth grade students are proficient in reading and math
  4. Students are mentally and physically healthy
    • food pantry here at the school – weekend packets –
    • The Blessing Box is here in Roy – people are excited to help.
    • Suggestion to advertise for help/donations. Post on Facebook. 
    • It is advertised in the school. Counselors, administrators and teachers that  know of students needing help will send them to our food pantry.  Hygiene products are also available. 
    • Grant Facilitator – Jennifer Christensen is in charge.  Student Advocates also help with the food pantry.
  5. Students will graduate from high school.
  6. High school graduates will enroll in post-secondary education.
  7. Students will graduate high school prepared for careers.
    • We have hired an OWATC person through the grant to specialize with the Roy Cone and give them special help in getting them acquainted the ATC. Student to Student from WSU.  Help get students interested in college.
  • Survey given to students - Sharp Survey.  Working with City and Community to bring all this together.  All taking on ownership of every kid. 
  • The grant pays for PLC. (Professional Learning Community)
  • Tyler King – PLC Conference The vision at conference is about OUR kids, not your kids or my kids.  Everyone is in this thing together.  Essential standards is a big part of what we are working on.  What critical skills the students have to have before they can move on from my class. 
  • Alicia Mitchell – Extra Curricular Activities
    • Tryouts for Girls Basketball and Boys Basketball currently going on.
    • Tryouts for Wrestling – young and will bring back lots of talent this year
    • Swim – first meet today – New head coach – Natalie Anderson
    • Debate – First 3 tournaments – growing with Mr. Mathis (new Coach)
    • Football – Semi Finals on Friday at 11:00
    • We will run a modified schedule on Friday because of the game.
    • Band took 3rd place in state.
    • Little Mermaid – starts on 15th of Nov. through 19th.
    • Veteran’s assembly to the 16th. 9:35 am
    • FFA - 8 students went. Amazing experience.  President Trump spoke.  Our FFA president
  • Senior Citizen Dinner at 4:30 with play at 5:15 pm
  • Bar J Wranglers – December 13.
  • ACT classes will be starting shortly. Classes during the day are already going.  Register with the counselors to get signed up with it.  Parent Meeting coming up shortly - they will announce when they will take place. 
  • Safety Drills were discussed. Roy High does the Lockdown, Lockout, Fire drills, earthquake drills.  Communicating to the kids about what to do is important.
  • Cynthia – next meeting December 4th.


Community Council Meeting

October 2, 2018

Welcome - Cynthia Morgan

Attending:  Cynthia Morgan,Shauntel Anderson, Jen Bessinger, Julie Morgan, Rick Morgan, Trina Favero, Alicia Mitchell, Tyler King, April Murray, Casey Roche, Rae Ann Christensen, Kirt Swalberg, Rob Lake

Dates of Community Council Meetings: - All meetings at 7:00 am

  • November 6, 2018
  • December 4, 2018
  • February 5, 2019
  • March 5, 2019
  • April 2019 - TBD

Kirt - Website for School Trustland:

  • Meeting overview on School Trust Lands in Utah
  • Funds reviewed
  • Council Responsibilities reviewed,
  • Reports for School Trust Lands. Due Oct. 20, 2018 and March 8, 2019

Data Discussion

  • Not using sage anymore.  Using ACT and a hybrid of ACT.  No more writing tests at high school level.  It will be done in 8th grade.
  • Distribution of money will average out to be $113/student for the state  Weber School District and other rural areas average $107/student  Ideas that will be denied.

Trustland monies cannot be used for doing business, buildings, extra curricular activities, etc.

Our School website will be up and running by the 20th.  Brett Webb will be over our school website.

Goal Reviews for Roy High

  • Decrease f grades to less than 5% each quarter
  • Increase overall act by 1%
  • 88% of Juniors will be on track academically by beginning of senior year.


  • Parent night to teach about ACT
  • Have a class to teach act
  • 2 classes in morning and 1 in afternoon - should be set up in next couple of weeks.
  • Parent Meeting will be set up shortly.
  • ACT Math - Scores have gone up
  • Reading - scores have gone down in all schools.
  • Science - scores dropped a little for all schools
  • Composite score - 18.5 in 2018
    • 17.9 - 2014
    • 18.4 - 2015
    • 18.1 - 2016
    • 18.2 - 2017
    • 18.5 - 2018
  • F Comparison
    • 2018 - 8.3% 4th quarter
    • 2018 - 6.2% 1st quarter

R&R is going much better this year.  

Mastery Connect is a data platform (new this year) - test given each day.  Gives information on where they are at with previous lesson.  Teachers immediately know who is not catching on to the lessons..  Kids are focusing on lessons.

Looking to expanding the program to Science and English.

Only 2 sets of Chromebooks for math. It would be great for each teacher to have their own set.

Extra Curricular Activities - Alicia Mitchell  

  • Football - 5-2 on season
  • Volleyball - change culture of program - competing consistently
  • Cross country - place in top 10  Region Tournament on Friday
  • Girls Tennis - finished season - program is improving
  • Boys Golf - New coach has  helped boys learn the game
  • Girls Soccer - 11-4 tied for 2nd place in region
  • Swim tryouts yesterday - Natalie Anderson new head coach swam for UofU
  • Royalaires - little girls show on Friday
  • Debate - preseason this thursday friday and saturday
  • Marching band - 2nd full show - competition 1A large classified.  Goal is to be 3A
  • Musical - little mermaid production  - Nov. 15-19

Community Awareness night - Social Media

  • Collin Kartchner and Katie McPherson - speakers

Senior Citizen Dinner - Nov. 14 at 4:30

College Application week begins the 5th of November

FAFSA opened up Oct. 1

Question 1 -  on the ballot to determine public support for increased funding for education in Utah.

  • Video by Doug Wright
  • It would mean Approximately $250,000 for Roy High
    • Mental Health would be an area we would bring in someone to help.
    • Reduce class sizes
    • Teacher shortages -

Next meeting - Nov. 6, 2018

Community Council

April 10, 2018

Attendance - Kirt Swalberg, Rob Lake, Alicia Mitchell, Tyler King, Lynette Atkinson, April Murray, Casey Roche, Rick Morgan, Julie Morgan, Cordale Lamb, Stefane Lamb, Lee Yeagley, Cynthia Morgan, Trina Favero, Rae Ann Christensen, Jennifer Bessinger

Welcome - Jennifer Bessinger

Minutes read and approved

  • Amend Trustland 2017-28 Plan proposed by Kirt Swalberg.
    • Money used for salaries during this year was not as high as thought.  It is proposed the money be used to purchase more chromebooks. We would like to have at least 1 set per department.  
    • Amendment was voted on by all in attendance and approved unanimously.
  • Community Council Elections
    • Discussed not opening up a spot for members because there is only one person leaving.
    • Other community members are showing interest.  Suggested to open it up for voting on members.
    • Email for nominations for those interested in being a member of  Community Council will be sent out in the next couple of weeks by Kirt Swalberg.
    • Jennifer Bessinger nominated to be co-chair for the 2018-2019 school year.
    • Voting ballots were turned in.
    • Jennifer Bessinger was voted in for Vice-Chair 2018-2019.  Cynthia Morgan will be the Chair for the 2018-2019 school year.
    • Boys Tennis - lots of improvement and lots of kids improved and participating
  • Extracurricular Teams/groups
    • Girls Golf - 18 girls on team.  3 have played golf before. Transitioning girls in and out.  
    • Track - They have had 2 track meets.  Another one this week. Curt Crossley and Josie Williams have both have qualified for state.
    • Baseball.  Their record is 4 - 3 in pre-season  They have their first Region game today.
    • Softball - Their record is  3 - 1 in pre-season.
    • Soccer - Their record is 6 - 1.
    • Performing Arts Dept. -  Solo and Ensemble Festival and Drama - 51 drama students qualified for state.  May 3-5 Spring Musical.
    • Cheerleading - tryouts are this week
    • FFA - qualified for nationals.
  • Meetings will continue to be held on the 1st or 2nd Tuesday of each month in the mornings for next year.  
  • No meeting in May.


February 13, 2018

Welcome - Jennifer Bessinger

Attending - Lynette Atkinson, Kir Swalberg, Alicia Mitchell, Rob Lake, Rae Ann Christensen, Casey Roche, Tony Dick, April Murray, Jennifer Bessinger, Cynthia Morgan, Cordale Lamb

Stefane Lamb, Lee Yeagley, Rick Morgan, Julie Morgan, Trina Favero.

Welcome - Jennifer Bessinger

Technology - Quinn Henderson  (District Tech)

  • Digital learning.  You tube - Safe Search and Restriction Mode Enforced - Administrator approved videos
  • Facebook is blocked (Administration and Resource Officer allowed)
  • Twitter - allowed
  • Pinterest - blocked (staff allowed)
  • Linkedin - allowed
  • Google Image Search - safe mode enforced
  • Other Social Media - blocked
  • Bad images or any inappropriate content should be reported to admin.  What searching and computer searching on.
  • Student Devids and Desktop Management Systems.   Airwatch used for IPad management.  Chromebook Management -
  • If you sign in to a school account at home it will filter through the district filters.  Create student gmail account at home.
  • Netsupport - for Desktop Lab management
  • Online Digital Citizen - The thought and responsible use of technology to find, evaluate, utilize, share, and create content.
  • Netsafe Utah - videos at the main content for the CIPA education.  Common Sense media is being used.
  • The Common Sense Digital LIteracy Curriculum - 8 categories covered. Each lesson has a detailed lesson plan. Can be used by parents.

Input on Cords - Alicia Mitchell

  • Awards and Recognition committee - preserve graduation ceremony.  Classy event.  All teachers wear robes with degree represented.  
  • A way to recognize all kids but the ceremony is about all the students.  
  • New Royal Cord - Black and gold cord
    • Earn cord - involved in something outside of classroom - not sports related.
    • 3.5 GPA
    • No original attendance credit loss.  
    • No U’s or no more than 3 N’s
    • Student Involvement - Must be an active participating member in a club or organization for 3 years or earn an award at the state or national level.
    • Service - 25 hours or more of service.
    • Working with Club advisor with portfolio
    • It would help unite students and would help students with attendance and gpa
    • RHS must be the student’s home school.
    • Recommendations will be welcomed. 
    • For this year seniors it will be looking a little different.  Students will go through their club or organizations to apply for this cord.
  • National Honor Society Cord will stay.
    • It speaks for Unity.  
    • GPA was discussed.  Possible 3.0 GPA   It would be their CUM GPA.
    • It will be presented at their 10th orientation or presenting it at their 9th grade orientation.
    • We haven’t decided yet how we will notify students of new cord policy. 
    • We had 12 kids nationally that qualified.  That would trump the other requirements.  

Ideas for new Land Trust Plan - Kirt Swalberg

  • Grade Distribution
    • F Grades 6.2 % first quarter.  6.6% 2nd quarter.   Our goal is 5%.  A big portion is from students that just don’t come to school.  We do home visits.  We are not willing to drop kids and keep trying different programs:  PM School, Job Corps,
    • If they don’t get to graduation, we have moved them farther along in their education.
    • Discussion on if we set the goal wrong and do we need to reset it.  Maybe 6% would be a better goal.  Have 2 goals - one for those attending and one for those not attending.
    • Is there tutoring for any other subject than math?  This year we have not had as much participation with the students coming to class.  Science would be a second choice for more tutoring.
    • More routers or are network speeds good enough.  
    • ACT - is there an opportunity to add a class during the day to add to their schedule.
    • Literacy with Ms. Strong and Mrs. Hartnett has been doing well.  Like to see it continue.
    • Literacy as it applies to subject being taught.
    • Literacy in Math.  (Alex program) some teachers are not requiring it anymore.  
    • Our district does not have a platform to collect data.  $6.00 a student.  They are meeting with us today to get more information.  Maybe do a trial with it this year.  

Review Athletics - Alicia Mitchell

  • 3 Academic All-State.  Laura Hadley, Alex Lamb, and Josie Williams.  
  • Boys - 1 in 10    Girls 1 in 18 from 5A that receive this award.
  • Swim - 2 students competed at state - Matt Williams 14th in 100 fly and Stephanie Williams
  • Wrestling - 11th overall in state   8 boys went
  • Boys BB - tough season - 2 games left hope to have a 4th place seat
  • Girls BB - Currently share region title - play Woods Cross Wed.  State on Monday
  • Royalaires - Competed at state.  Nationals in March
  • Debate - will compete in region qualifiers
  • Cheer - competed in region had a great time

Performing Arts - Rob Lake

  • Roy High hosted District Choir, District Band and District Orchestra
  • Jazz Band - solo ensemble Mar. 7
  • Choir - region competition Mar.14


  • Drama - Suffragettes performance will be Feb. 23, 24, and 26.   Any place to put posters
  • Drama will be doing One-act plays
  • Nina will be doing “Beauty and the Beast”
  • March 4 - Performing Arts Tour - going to Salt Lake and Boise

Land Trust - Kirt Swalberg

  • projected money - $177,849
  • Review of last months suggestions - ACT parent and student classes.  (student said class was great) learned how to manage time.  Students wanted to be there which made environment great.  Maybe add an afternoon class?  Try to do a morning session - 3 sessions total.
  • Technology - projectors are 10/12 years old.  Bulbs and projectors are expensive.  Replace them with a better unit.  Smart Panels (new Technology) don’t have to turn down lights, high resolutions, no projector, touch screen.  Mr. Jones and Mrs. Riggs both have them and we have been very pleased with them.
  • Each English teacher has own set of Chromebooks - CTE has 4 sets and we have 3 other sets in the building.  
  • Tutoring (with math)  We have made an adjustment and moved the class to the library each day at 2:45.  

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