Council Meeting Minutes


Roy High Community Council October 8, 2019

In Attendance: Jennifer Bessinger, Jason Doliwa, Trina Favero, Anthony Dick, Cordell Lamb, Stephanie Lamb, Shauntelle
Anderson, Kate Bideau, April Murray, Tyler King, Brenda Hart, Rob Lake, Natalie Cole, Julie Morgan, Rich Morgan, Matt

Council Business: Meeting dates are good for the remainder of the year. Goal today is to review the Trust Lands Plans
and goals. The TSSP is a new grant Teacher and Student Success Plan, similar to the Trust lands plan. Our district has
chosen to make it similar in the requirements.
Digital citizenship training. November 12 th they will come in and do the training with the community council.

TRUSTLANDS PLAN FOR THIS YEAR: 208,000 is what we ended up receiving.
Goal 1: Increase the overall ACT composite score by 1 percent
Action steps: Have specific PLC in the summer for the teachers. Teachers were given a date to get together. And we
asked that part of that to be planning what they can do ACT wise.
Ongoing professional development for teachers, sometimes it is conferences etc.
Sophomore students will begin to take Aspire tests.
ACT prep programs, we will offer after school and before school courses.
Increase the number of students that take AP and concurrent classes, that is always a goal of ours. We will at least offer
two parent nights that will educate students and families to increase academic performances.
We will have an ACT class that is taught during day.
We will schedule a practice ACT day to have students see what it would be like
ACT will reimburse if Juniors if they have already paid for it. We just found out yesterday that the registration process is
through their counselor. We can and need to advertise it in our classes.
December 14 th ACT Ms. Hart: They are trying to see if online is the best way to take it. Roy High has been chosen as a
test site Juniors specifically, half will take paper test and half will take the online test. They will compare the two and
see if they do better on line. They can take it for free. They will again take it March 24 th with just paper and pencil. The
half taking online will show us accurate results, if students do better taking it online. Online is just specifically for
juniors. We have to have a minimum of 50. We just found out yesterday that they are allowing us to do it. Juniors
won’t know until they get here on December 14 if they are doing the online test or paper and pencil test.
Mr. Williams “the more times our students can be a part of it, see how it goes the better off student’s scores will be.
There is nothing natural about coming on a Saturday and taking a test for four hours. This will help with test anxiety”

Goal 2: Eighty-nine percent of students will be on track with academic credit by the start of
their senior year:
Edgenuity is a new program just for makeup credit. Original credit; we have weber online but it is a little difficult. There
are a couple other different smaller programs, we use PM school, Northridge learning center with packet make up
credit. Sometimes we help kids pay for those that are on fee waivers. Two option teachers will be assigned with
struggling students, right now that is Mrs. Kersey-Smith and Angie Knudson and they have about 15 kids in each class,
working with kids that failed classes getting them back on track.
What do the advocates do? We have two, they do anything from contacting students that aren’t in school, making a
plan on how to get them coming again and caught up. We had 40 kids that hadn’t come to school thus far this year,

they track them and make sure they are going to classes. They get them set up with doing online make up work,
working with counselors, they are extra support not letting kids fall through the cracks. Mr. Dick: “They are a great
resource, I’ve gone to them and they help contact kids, I can’t leave my classroom to track down kids, I can’t always
leave to make phone calls. We have two advocates that are at 5.75 a day.

Goal 3: Roy High will decrease number of F grades given to less than 6% at the end of each
Graduation is our main goal, but we are also doing a lot of things for college and career readiness. Counselors have this
thing called: 1, 2, 4 and more goal, 1-year school, 2-year school and 4 year schools, but lots of things in between. That is
our goal is getting them involved and learning about something that will interest them that they might do. It used to be
that the high school focus was just go to college. but not everybody goes to college. Our goal is to help them to get
somewhere that they are interested in.
Math is the most the failed class. We have great math teachers; students just struggle with Math. April Murray wishes
more would kids would attend. We have after school tutoring. We have mid 20s in math class sizes. Mr. Dick “at times
I have had with 35, 40 kids its almost too hard to catch those who are struggling. Much better this year with mid to high
20s.” We also use this along with a couple of other sources to buy-out other teachers preps. Not all teachers want to be
bought out for their preps.
Ashley strong observes other teachers and is the literacy coach, she helps them with literacy.
We have an ALEKS program to help with math and the grant pays for extra licenses of it.
1 to 1 technology: Mr. Williams, “Maybe we weren’t ready, cart before the horse. Some adjustments are still needed.”
Kate B “However it gives everybody access. You can’t for see everything.” This is the student’s language. If we want to
compete educationally we have to be able to put them in the student’s hands, council comments are that not all
teachers are embracing it… Mr. Williams “we will continue to work on that.” Canvas: Colleges uses canvas. Now we
are preparing kids to use canvas. Meeting participants “Only thing confusing is that some teachers use google classroom
and students have to go back and forth. Council comments “We like the updates every week from canvas, to know what
assignments they have turned in or not.” Computers are their language. Mr. Williams: from Jr. High they spent
$60,000 in copies a year and this definitely cuts down on that, the chrome books basically pay for themselves.
We have been using smart boards, they are outdated, we now switching over to smart panel TVs.
Unused funds are usually being used for technology: In the past we have been able to write in and rotate it in the grant
to use through extra funds for the fine arts program etc. Matt would propose that if we have some extra money that
we use extra for fine arts. We will talk about it in next council. Council Members “$5,000 is not much when we are
talking about $208,000.” Our fine arts teachers worry that their jobs will be obsolete one day. Mr. Williams “It gives
students one more opportunity to be involved.”
We need to put the Trust lands plan on the WEB Page
TSSP: 107,000 in addition to the 208,000 from Trust lands:
It has been decided that we will have the same goals as for the Trust lands grant.
The legislature has given us extra funds. Our district has chosen that we will use some of it for a mental health
specialist. We share the mental health specialist with Jr. High. There is a referral process, counselors still handle
minimal situations. As it gets to a tier 3, Andrea Bailey can help with that. The goal is to hire more. Each Junior High
puts in a little bit, then district puts in half of the cost. We are realizing it is much needed with the anxiety and
depression of students. It could easily turn into a full time position here at the High School. This job is developing as we
go. Not a lot of school districts have it. We have a half time counselor who we made full time so 36,000 of that is to
make them full time. Every WIC student that is Weber On Line full time used to be categorized at WIC, at the end of

last year they sent them back to the school. Usually they are very far behind in credits. Roy High has 40 kids that are really

behind and only online. Each counselor has 5 or 6 kids that they have to keep track of. It was a huge shock on when
they sent them back to the high schools. The student advocates will work with these kids and each counselor has about
5 or 6 in their alphabet that they will have to work with that don’t come to the building at all.
Teacher buyouts and Flat panels TV’s, right now a teacher buyout costs about $10,000. Increase the ACT. We will use
other funds to try and increase ACT scores.
Students will increase their ACT score just by retaking it again.

In Addition:
Mr. Lake updated council on Fall sports, new Swim coach Nathan Toll.
Talked about the Assembly we had with “Instead with Nick Vijucic”. Awesome Anti-Bullying assembly.


Put Trust land plan on the web page of Roy High
ACT Prep classes.
 Can we have a summer class? It would help the very busy sport kids.
 Start classes and pushing ACT prep early in the fall.
 Counselors be involved to remind kids to retake ACT over and over.
 Have sophomores take ACT’s in preparation.
 Really push the free extra ACT for juniors on December 14 th . Find out when they have to be registered to take
 Create another opportunity to get kids familiar with testing procedures, practice test. ACT prep class.

Scholarship information:
 Council Members will discuss and maybe send out information to parents quarterly about unknown
scholarships. “Top ten things for helping to get scholarships.”
 FASFA is required for college, it will be very good for parents and students to attend this week’s FASFA night.

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